Narrow Strip Mill

Narrow Strip Mill

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Narrow Strip Mill

We, being a market-trustworthy manufacturer and supplier of Narrow Strip Mill that is proficient in constantly shaping cast- metallic strand into strips, have been successfully catering to Narrow Strip Mill requirement and demand of clients of India as well as African & South East Asian countries since 1974. Narrow strip mill, designed by us, assures desired thickness & edge of strips through using small and enlarged diameter rolls, is a standout in both local and international markets. The coil weight is to be amplified in order to meet the requirement of the pipe mill. Narrow strip mill should be designed in a configuration that assures uniform tension distribution across the strip in order to dimensionally homogenous strip products.

UGI Engineering provides all inclusive solution of narrow strip mill equipment, components, utility, drives, electrics and automation systems to suffice demand of the optimal performance, premium product quality and tremendous operational flexibility.


Thickness : 0.8mm to 8.0mm

Width : upto 500mm

Coil Weight : 1.50 MT

Mill Size : 10,000 TPA to 200,000 TPA

Narrow Strip Mill:

  • UGI Engineering provides the complete narrow hot strip mill equipment, components, utility, drives, electrics and automation systems to meet demand for the highest performance, product quality and operational flexibility
  • Since ERW Pipe & Tube mills require narrow strip in coils. UGI has specialized in designing strip mills for to meet the requirement

Furnace Optimization:

  • UGI Engineering are using high quality of components in furnace including refractory bricks, burners and operate at low excess air levels, give improved fuel economy and reduced scale/burning losses
  • This saves on steel in addition to better surface finish of the rolled components. The heating strategy has a major influence on both the quality of reheated pieces and on the amount of fuel used for reheating

Mill Stand:

  • All mill stands are built heavy to with stand high rolling load. Roll necks are with anti friction bearings. Close control set up of screw down & axial shift of rolls are provided to prevent roll skewing during rolling
  • Finishing mills are 4-High design to give 8 gage accuracy. Edging stands are provided for edge control

Cooling & Finishing Equipment:

  • Narrow strips are coiled are edge with controls to keep the edges in time. Vibratory slat conveyor is with controlled speed to feed the strip coiler.

Coil carrying Conveyors:

  • Coil carry conveyors are designed with optimum space utilization and to prevent scratches on strip surface.

Coil Binding machine:

  • Coil Binding machine is automatic to strip the coil & put tags